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SHALIMAR Have been consistently getting the pleasure of being associates with almost India's Top conglomerates for their requirements of construction chemical & we have always attained a respectable position in the growth path of our valued clients. It has been taking pride in our invaluable assets like quality products, vital economic decisions and a steadfast timeliness approach, we at Kavassu International Ltd. & Shalimar Seal & Tar Products Pvt. Ltd, have created a reputable niche for ourselves in the construction industry. Being pioneers in our field, ever since the need for chemicals arose as a preventive measure, our outstanding company has proven its mettle in terms of excellent customer service and unmatchable products.


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Chairman’s Message

The success and eminence of Shalimar Seal & Tar Product Pvt. Ltd. began as the dream of one man extended to be transformed into the dream of many. We strive to accomplish our dreams and goals to bring greater effulgence in the future. Company was incorporated in 1984 with biggest plant in India, leading the way in manufacturing of high performance construction chemicals and water proofing products. We are a company, which was cradled by a arduous and sincere entrepreneur in the country, benefited with the support of the flourishing economy of the state and the presence of a diligent citizenry eager to attain success. Our dream is to make our City a world Class City & Our country as a landmark in field of chemical construction in International Market. With a steadfast vision to excel and go beyond the expectations of our competitors and esteemed clientele, we at SHALIMAR , believe in our capability to churn maximum growth opportunities in India & Abroad. Our vision remains to reach the pinnacles of success, globally by never compromising on quality production, ensuring a clear path towards our Goals, we maintain our standards by developing the needful, via our well equipped laboratory in our premises itself. Developing innovative products and solutions with our strong & innovative R&D Dept. an being reliable towards our quality we represent strength of Construction that lead to path of Growth & Success. We offers a diversified range of products and services, catering to the Various Road , NH Projects, Railways , Marine, Power & other Construction / Infrastructure Projects with top organization for the requirement of high performance construction chemicals and water proofing products as Admixture, curing Compound, Road Emulsion , Ant striping Agent , Epoxy bonding Agent Primers, Tar, Bitumen etc. Shalimar Seal &Tar Product pvt. Ltd is joining the league of bigger players and proposes to strengthen its foothold in the industry by bidding for larger, high margin and more complex projects in competitive areas with acceptable level of contractual risk. Due to our continual and diligent efforts, our achievement in quality, fast track project management and operation, we are regularly appreciated by or valuable clients .But more than that we thank our valuable clients for keeping faith in our professional services. Do contact us if you are looking for a reputed organization, who can meet the fast track project completion with quality of product, timely Execution & well defined operations.

Subhash Chandra
Shalimar Seal & Tar Products Pvt. Ltd.

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Our Clients

KAVASSU RAINSTA PATCH - Incredible Innovation By Indian For Instant Pothole Repair

The product Kavassu Rainsta Patch is indeed simple as pouring the material out of the bag and tamping the product in the hole but what makes it unique is its specific qualities and usage. It works excellently in water filled potholes and assures strong compaction even if the applied during the ongoing heavy rainfall. It is one of its kind product worldwide. After 05 years of R&D and numerous successful trials by our panel of researchers, this product came into existence which is very effective, durable & having assured long term results. We are also in process of getting this patented.

The idea originated while working on the reality grounds that the potholes mostly developed in rainy seasons are usually water filled due to continual rains. There having the lengthy procedure of cleaning the pothole to dry and then repairing it by holding the traffic for major time is not a feasible and productive thing. So the necessity of an instant solution boosted our R&D for the invention of Kavassu Rainsta Patch.