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What We Do

Is an ISO 9001 Certified Company having technical Collaboration with two-world class Multinational Companies from Egypt & Italy. Under the registered brand name “KAVASSU”, the company is producing more than 256 quality products essential in the field of Civil Construction sustaining specialization in the manufacturing Construction Chemicals & Bitumen based Water proofing products as Water Reducing Admixtures, Shotcreting Accelerators, Wax, Acrylic, Resin & Water base Curing Compounds, Road Emulsions, Anti Striping Agent, High Strength Non Shrink (Hydrogen Free) Free Flow Grouts, Epoxy Bonding Agent, Epoxy joint Adhesives, Anti Carbonation Primer & Coatings, Tar Paper, Polymer Modified Bitumen etc. by never compromising on quality production. Ensuring a clear path towards their goals, the organization maintain its standards by developing the needful, via its well-equipped world class Research & Development centre cum laboratory built in the own plant premises itself.

Our Team

We, at Kavassu group are those dedicated professionals who leave no stone unturned in achieving our company’s goals. With a motto of Service Before Self, each of us, believes in taking up challenges and testing our competency, time and again. The professionals at Shalimar are regularly updated via thorough training programs, enabling them to be abreast with the latest competitive edge in the market today. Being attentive, responsive and adopting a professional approach towards each client, our team operates with ethical values, which aim at satisfying our customers, ensuring their business to flourish. Our reward is our customer’s contentment and lifelong faith in us

We Have Strong Background

We Are Extremely Flexible

We Use Latest Technologies

Shalimar is Simply Amazing

With a steadfast vision to excel and go beyond the expectations of our competitors and esteemed clientele, we at Kavassu, believe in our capabilities to churn maximum growth opportunities in India and abroad. Our vision remains to reach the pinnacles of success, globally, by never compromising on quality production. Ensuring a clear path towards our goals, we maintain our standards by developing the needful, via our well-equipped laboratory in our premises itself.

Our Continuous Efforts

It is our sincere endeavor to offer you outstanding services and quality products, which ensure your business reaches dizzy heights and maintains a reputed status in the market. Shalimar believes in continuous efforts to improve, evolve and offer its clientele a reason to return and grow further. We urge you to reach out to us at sales@shalimartar.com for any queries or suggestions, which may help us, serve you better. Being associated with Shalimar itself, is a milestone achieved, towards success. Simply because, our success lies in your complete satisfaction of our customers and continuous, never-ending growth. Please allow our products to be used in your running as well as your upcoming projects.

Our Vital Economic Terms

  1. Unlike our worthy competitors, we at Shalimar offer you unique economic terms, ensuring long term benefits for your company.
  2. The rates of our famous products like Admixture, curing Compound, Road Emulsion , Antistriping Agent , Epoxy bonding Agent are 8 to 10 % less than other manufacturers. By availing this lucrative opportunity you can have an additional profit of approx 50 Lac to 1 Crore rupees in your one project.
  3. Our product dosage would be minimum as compared to other manufacturers.
  4. Our good quality, enhance operational system and our synergetic customer services make your cost much low in all fields.